Travel & Inspirational Link Round-Up, January Edition

Jan 29, 2017    /    things i like

It’s that time again. Another month is drawing to a close and February is about to unfold, hopefully a little warmer and brighter. Our January was spent mostly in Italy’s bustling, jostling, chaotic capital: Rome. We’ve rented a little apartment in the popular and darling Trastevere neighborhood for almost two months and have been venturing out to different neighborhoods to try some of the best food in the city every week. Because that’s what Rome’s about for us: food, food, and food again.

But enough about us. You’re here for links.

Here’s the best and most interesting (and in the case of the last link, scariest) stuff I’ve found online in the last month:

:: Some of our best finds in Rome so far have come from: my Italy guide, Georgette’s Trastevere blog post, and via our Roman Food Tour (which was kindly comped).

:: Next, some Eastern Europe inspiration (ignore the cheesy commentary and check out the amazing videography).

:: Also: this is on my Croatia to-do list.

:: Fascinating and beautifully written: “I Took ‘Walk It Off’ Literally, and 5,000 Miles Later I Feel Better”

:: My Not-So-Straight Path to Making Money from Blogging

:: I’ve been really bothered by all the arguments against Airbnb for all these well-articulated reasons.

:: I just re-read Graceling. If you’re looking for a fantasy novel to add to your reading list, it’s still one of my favorites.

:: More privacy violations in the name of preventing terrorism. This is not okay.

And in case you missed them on the blog:

:: The Business of Shifting a Business

:: Ask a Digital Nomad: What’s Your Work Schedule?

:: Ask a Local: What Should I Do/See/Eat in Salzburg, Austria?

Now, to you: What was your January like?

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