Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, October

Oct 29, 2017    /    things i like

Welcome back to the monthly link round-up!

How was your October, friends? Did you travel? What did you get up to?

Chad, Luna, and I spent most of our month in France, first based in Grenoble exploring the Alps and then in Paris eating everything in sight. Then, as the month started to draw toward its close, we took a series of taxis, flights, and buses down to Tulum, Mexico, where we’ll be closing out 2017.

But enough about me. Here’s the best of what I found online this month:

General stuff that makes me smile:

:: Well, this before-and-after kissing photography project is fun and cute.

:: How to Love Yourself (did I mention that this made me happy?)

:: More gorgeous a capella from people around the world

Travely links:

:: I don’t know why I love this series of anti-selfies so much, but I really really do.

:: Public service announcement: never use hotel kettles.

:: Have kids? Maybe it’s time to move to Japan, where school lunches are fresh and educational.

:: I love nature, but these Melbourners who wrote love letters to trees might love it even more.


:: One of my writing heroes just put out a new novel and it’s lovely.

:: My other favorite recent read? And I Darken.

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