Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, November

Nov 26, 2017    /    things i like

Oh, hey there, friends. How’s November been for you?

Mine has been an unusual amount of chaos. I landed a gig updating a travel guidebook for one of the big guidebook companies and I’ve been cycling and busing and driving up and down the coast of the Riviera Maya (Mexico) researching restaurants, hotels, spas, and the like. It’s been interesting and we’ve found some amazing little gems, but I’m also looking forward to a quieter, more normal December once I turn the project in to my editor in a few days.

Unrelated: I’m going to start doing a monthly ask-me-anything feature. So if you’ve got a pressing question about travel, nomadic life, traveling with a dog, or where you should go on your next trip, send it my way.

But enough about me. You’re here for links, right? Here’s the monthly round-up:

:: You know I love abandoned places, right?

(Speaking of abandoned places, here are some oldie goodies.)

:: Dying to move to Switzerland? Here’s your shot. This dwindling alpine town is thinking of paying people to move on in.

(Related: How I Got My Swiss Long-Stay Visa)

:: An important reminder: you’re allowed to stop.

:: And another: Shop for Your Real Life, Not Your Fantasy Life

:: Can you take a dog to the Ukraine?

:: As I mentioned, I’m currently researching a travel guide for Riviera Maya…and this restaurant I found down by the beach in Tulum is super friggin cool: both tasty and atmospheric.

:: Now, for the bookworms among us: The Hate U Give is just as good as people say.

:: Speaking of great books, I adored Watch Me Disappear

:: On writing: Not Being Inclusive Is Also a Political Choice

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