Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, December

Dec 31, 2017    /    things i like

By the time you read this, Luna and I will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico, spending a few days running errands and exploring the city before Chad joins us and we head north into the mountains of Colorado.

Originally, we were planning on spending more time in Mexico, but after a month or so, we were ready to move on. I was having some major stomach problems. We were both pretty tired of the nighttime construction noise that started up during our second month. And, honestly, Mexico just isn’t our place.

Which isn’t to say anything bad about the Riviera. It just didn’t have a lot of the things we personally value. Like easily accessible organic foods. Or clean streets.

At the end of the day, Europe is where our hearts are. But since we need to be in the North American time zone for some current projects, we decided to settle for some time in the snowy Colorado mountains.

Enough about travel plans, though. You’re here for links, yes?

:: How much does it cost to travel in Central America? Here’s one couple’s real budgets.

:: No surprise here: owning a dog may extend your life.

:: Speaking of dogs, here’s an oldie goodie: How I Choose Where to Travel With My Dog: A Tale of Quarantines, Vaccines, & Long-Haul Flights

:: Still speaking of dogs: I LOVE this story about a couple, a van, and a couple of misfit pups.

:: Planning your new year travels? Check this out: Where not to go in 2018.

(Personally, I’d add Colombia to the list.)

:: For the foodies: This is on my to-make list for our upcoming winter in the states.

:: IMPORTANT: Affordable therapy in every state.

:: Somewhat related: Tips for Traveling With Foster & Adoptive Kids

:: Excellent blog and business lessons

:: And, to wrap things up, in case you didn’t know, TSA is pretty useless.

How was your month? What brought you joy in December?

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