How do you afford to travel?

When I first started traveling full-time, I was running a small content strategy and copywriting business. I could do my work from anywhere, so I was free to travel and live abroad while still running my business and earning money to live. Now, I’m a travel and inspirational writer, something I not only can do from abroad, but need to do from abroad, and I spend a little time on the side taking on content strategy, copywriting, and website coding projects. (Want a more in-depth look at my two businesses? Click here.)

While I’m traveling, I live on the same budget (or less) than I did in the states. I also sold my car, gave up my permanent address in the states, and got rid of as many expenses as possible before leaving, which helped immensely.

How did you start your own business?

In the simplest terms: I left my ad agency job for a less demanding corporate gig and spent six months working nine to five while collecting freelance contracts, launching a website, and thinking through a business plan in my spare time. Once I had enough freelance clients that I couldn’t possibly take another, I quit my full-time job and, with a combination of nervous and elated energy, started building and running my business full-time.

After two years of running my business out of my home, I packed my computer up and took to the road, a full-time digital nomad.

Then, in October 2013, I made another switch and started writing full-time. Now, I spend my days working on books, writing magazine articles, and making marketing plans for each new project. I also still do a little content strategy, copywriting, and website coding from time to time.

Wait. You take your dog with you? How?

Yes! Luna has been to 17+ countries in the last four years. In the simplest terms, taking Luna with me means:
1) Researching dog travel requirements for a country I want to travel to (you can usually find these on embassy websites).
2) Following instructions to the letter.
3) Always carrying any pet passports, rabies vaccination paperwork, etc. with me.
4) Traveling on pet-friendly airlines, trains, and buses (again, research).
5) Carrying dog food, a dog jacket, two toys, a brush, a water bowl, and a comfy dog carrier.

When you are researching requirements for the country you want to travel to, make sure you are also factoring in where you will be arriving from. The UK, for example, has different requirements for dogs coming from Australia than it does for dogs coming from Kenya.

Do you ever get lonely traveling alone?

The short answer: I’m happier and more connected now than when I had a permanent address. The long answer is here.

After almost four years of solo travel, very recently, I acquired a travel buddy, so we shall see how that changes things.

What blogs do you read?

I read a number of travel blogs off and on, but some of my consistent favorites are: Fearful Adventurer, Montecristo Travels (a dog travel blog!), and Hecktic Travels. I also love Marie Forleo’s weekly business and marketing videos.

How is your website set up?

This website is hosted by NameCheap using My design is a customized theme from Theme Forest. I do all the design tweaks, coding, and content myself.