Step Two in the GigiScursion

Aug 16, 2007    /    stories & photos

The time in Austria has been ever better than I hoped. We have walked the streets enjoying the old architecture–cobbles, castles, cathedrals, etc–; we have eaten in small out-of-the-way cafes and large touristy restaurants. Eating Goulash, Schnitzel, and a fatty pork leg served with unfiltered beer (which made me dismally ill for an hour or two).

But my favorite thing about being here, by far, is the company. Heinrich has been a great host and a blast to see the city with and I love his friends. They’re unique and quirky and everyone’s humor somehow meshes, though it would be easy for it to be continents apart.

Last night we played poker (and I lost, but not until after I’d cleaned up in the middle of the game with amazing hands and or amazing bluffs if I do say so myself) and then went to the museum quarter by bike. The young people of Vienna, it would seem, have deemed this quarter the best place for after-hours conversation and imbibing. Cheap beers, lots of smoking (very European), and people sprawled over interesting stone pieces that are conveniently shaped to allow you to lean back in them and sit partially upright/partially reclined. Apparrently they paint them a different color every year. Last year was red or pink (depending on who you talk to) and this year is an ugly brown-yellow-drab color. Anyway, it’s an interesting place and I wish we’d had someplace like that for people to hang out in any of the cities I lived in. Even New York, as far as I know, doesn’t have anything really comparable. But of course, everything in New York (buildings aside) is half the size of everything in Vienna. Apartments, parks, fountains…etc.

So today is my last day and we’re going to bike to the Blue Danube and then tonight go to a concert. But for now, we’re waiting for his new washer to arrive (washer in an apartment! Who knew life could be so lovely!).

Then tomorrow its on to Italia. Step three in Gigiscursion.

Stay tuned.


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