Photo Essay: My Favorite Spanish City

Apr 20, 2015    /    stories & photos


It’s a city full of surprises.

There’s the ancient architecture, the old city walls, the delicate cathedrals, yes. But there’s also a gritty graffiti-covered devil-may-care side to the city. And at the same time it’s surrounded by nature. Walking paths. Riverside fishing piers. Towering cliffs covered in (oddly enough) pigeons.

It is, hands-down, my favorite Spanish city so far. I’d take it over Malaga, Nerja, Barcelona, or even Seville any day of the week.

luna on a bench

path to nature

Luna in graffiti gorge

overgrown wall

stone in gorge

cliffside pigeons

duck duck goose


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All photos taken with my brand-new Sony a6000.

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