You Need a Website. I Got Your Back, Jack.

Oct 09, 2017    /    my location-independent career

Been thinking that you desperately need a new website or to update your old one?

I’m excited to announce that today is the launch of my new, improved, tiered DIY Website Workshop, which will teach you–over the course of seven weeks of videos, worksheets, and detailed instructions–how to launch a strategic, beautiful new website (even if you are not tech savvy at all). 

Here’s the skinny (and if you can’t watch or don’t like the video, scroll down for a full transcript):

Video transcript:

So, you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner or a creative type and you have something to share with the world. And you know you need a website to get your idea out there, get your art out there, get your business out there and start getting customers.

But here’s the problem:

Either, you can try to build that website yourself. And there’s a lot of information out there and maybe you’re not that tech-savvy and maybe you just don’t know how to make all those decisions about whether you should hire a designer or should you do the design yourself? Does it matter which host you host with? Does it matter what domain you choose? And is SEO really important…and what is SEO?

So, you’ve got all these questions and you maybe need a little help with that.

Your other option if you don’t want to build your website yourself is to maybe hire an agency. But the problem is that you’re a small business owner or maybe you have a good idea, but you’re not made of money. And most agencies are going to charge you, what, $10,000, $15,000 to build a website. And that’s usually not with strategy or SEO or any additional consulting. And then you’re back to square one in the end because, yes, you have a great new website, but you never learned how to do it so you’re still going back and paying the agency again to change out a comma or put up a new photo or change out the logo.

So, neither of those solutions are ideal.

So, here’s my solution for you: what if you had someone who had a strategy background, a content background, who’d been working with websites for 15 years (that’s me) to walk you through the process?

So, that’s what this program is about.

I’ve developed a seven-week workshop and we are going to go through everything from strategy to how to write content. We’ll talk about “is SEO important?” What kind of design are we going to build? We’er going to get your website launched. You’re going to get comfortable with the technology (without needing to learn how to code).

And you’re going to be able to manage that website moving forward. You’re going to be empowered to keep that up, to change that comma yourself, to add a new photo yourself going forward as well.

Been thinking about re-doing your site? Now’s the time. The program launches today!

Head on over to the DIY Website Workshop site for more details or to sign up. Or feel free to drop questions in the comments here if you prefer!

P.S. Sign up this week and use the code GIGI to get $49 off!

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