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Drumroll, please.

Today I am thrilled to announce that I’ve officially opened up enrollment for my DIY Website Workshop!

If you have something to share with the world—be it a business, a big idea, a blog, a book, or your creative work—I made this workshop for you.

Because we all know that the first step in getting the word out about anything (again, be it a business, a book, a product, a service, or an idea) is having a platform, a website—somewhere to showcase, express, sell, or share that thing.

But if you’ve never built a website before, it can feel daunting. There are about a thousand decisions to make and it’s really easy to miss something important.

On the other hand, if you hire an agency to build your site, not only will you end up spending thousands (and quite possibly tens of thousands), but you still won’t know how things work behind the scenes, which means you’re stuck contacting the agency anytime you need to move around a comma or change a photo.

Neither of those situations are ideal, so here’s my solution:

What if there was something in between the two? Instead of figuring everything out on your own or handing everything over to someone else, what if you could strategize and design and build the site on your own, but with an experienced web professional guiding you and answering your questions every step of the way?

This is what the DIY Website Workshop is.

It’s me—a web professional with 15+ years experience in everything from coding websites from scratch to developing content strategies for Fortune-500 companies—walking you through developing (or refreshing) your website or blog step by step.

It’s you learning not just how to choose a design or write a headline, but how to think strategically about your site and your business.

It’s also you being empowered to understand and manage your site going forward. Even if you aren’t techy at all.

If you’re itching to get into the workshop, you can go ahead and sign up now here.

If you still have questions, read on.

:: When is the workshop? 
It starts on May 15th and lasts seven weeks. Most of the work can be done on your own time, but you’ll definitely want to be available for live Q&A calls Thursdays at 10 a.m. EST.

:: How will the workshop work?
Every Monday, I’ll send you a video and some worksheets for that week’s assignment. I’ll walk you through that step and you’ll get started. Then, every Thursday at 10 a.m. EST we’ll have a group Q&A call. This is when we’ll address questions or any snags you’ve run into along the way. In between, everyone in the workshop will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can network, ask questions, get advice, ask for feedback, and otherwise help each other along the way.

:: What will it cover?
The full schedule is here, but the short answer is that we’ll start with strategy (because you should always start with strategy) and cover everything from layout to content to design to technology to launch to how to manage your site moving forward.

:: Who is this for?
If you have an idea, business, venture, or creative project to share with the world and you want a professional website you can manage yourself, it’s for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of project, where you live, or what your background is. All that matters if that you’re ready to get your idea/project/product/business out into the world and you’re committed to going through the process to do so.

:: Do I need tech experience?

:: Seriously, though, what if I’m not tech savvy at all?
Then you are exactly the sort of person I want to help. Don’t worry – I’m going to help you every single step of the way. Once you have the right tools and direction, it’s not nearly as hard as it looks.

:: What’s the investment?
Since the workshop is new, I’m starting it at just $999. This includes the whole workshop – videos, materials, and Q&A calls.

It does not include website hosting, a WordPress theme, or a domain name. If you don’t already have these things, expect to spend $11 – $65 per year on hosting and domains and about $65 on a one-time theme purchase. If none of those words make sense to you, don’t worry – we will go through all the terminology along the way – but do be prepared for a few small additional costs.

You can also spend money along the way on things like custom logos, more in-depth SEO help, or professional editing, but none of those will be required—and at the end of the workshop, you’ll have a professional website with or without them.

The $999 is an introductory offer and the next time I do the workshop, I expect to up the price a bit, so if you know you need a website, now is the time to get in on the ground floor.

:: How many spots are there?
Just 10. I’m keeping the group smallish so that everyone gets the personal attention they need along the way.

Let’s get started, shall we?

If you’re still with me and you’ve been thinking “dear goodness, yes, I need a (new) website!” then I would absolutely adore having you in the group.

You can sign up right now to make sure you get a spot in the workshop before it sells out.

And if you still have a burning question? Drop it in the comments or head over to the DIY Website Workshop site for more details or to get in touch.

Finally, here’s what a few clients and past employers had to say about working with me:

Here’s what a few clients and past employers had to say about working with me:

We’ve gotten more leads from the new website [over the past four weeks] than from the old website in the whole two years that it was up…Our website finally says who we are, what we do and what we can do for clients. Imagine that!” – Ben Wright, CEO, Atlas Advertising

“After the website was live, Gigi did several teaching sessions with me over Skype so I could learn how to edit basic components of the site on my own. I had zero training in coding or website building or anything else related to computers before these sessions, and she made it easy!” – Dr. Emily Peppers, Northern Arizona Orthodontics

It has been an extreme pleasure working with Gigi on all things web-related. I came to rely on her expertise in both organizing the resources and executing the many tasks necessary to develop our website. Her dedication to our questions and concerns was reassuring, from the initial planning stages to the final tweaks upon launch. I could always trust that she was doing everything in her power to prioritize our needs to help solve our problems. I will happily work with her on projects on the horizon, knowing her upbeat attitude and professional experience will result in a product that exceeds my expectations!” – Laura Schulte, Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership

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