Travel + Inspirational Link Round-Up, June Edition

Jun 24, 2018    /    things i like

Happy summer, friends! As you probably already know, in early June, Chad and I finally made in back to Europe - the place in the world where we feel the most at home. We spent our first month back in Rennes, a university town in central Brittany with decent bus and...

Travel + Inspirational Link Round Up, May Edition

May 27, 2018    /    things i like

Happy almost-true-summer, friends! What have you been up to this May? Personally, I've mostly been running around attending conferences (this was literally half my month and I'm still in the midst of it as you're reading this) and planning for our upcoming travels (squee!). And now, links for you! :: YES -->...

Travel + Inspirational Link Round Up, April Edition

Apr 29, 2018    /    things i like

Lago di Fusine, Italy

Hey there, friends. How's life? What did you get up to this April? I've been spending most of my free time working on the first draft of my second novel, planning for upcoming May conferences and events, and reading like crazy. We're also daydreaming about getting...