That’s right.

After 15 years as a professional writer, I’ve finally circled back to my childhood love: the world of fiction.

My first manuscript, an alternate history novel tentatively titled WE ARE THE HUNTED, is finally complete and is currently sitting in literary agent inboxes waiting to be read.

My second, historical fiction based on the true story of a badass lady pirate, is currently underway.

Here’s what that first manuscript is about:

It’s been 25 years since the Nazis won the Second World War.

The Jews have mostly disappeared. The Reich has expanded across three continents. And a single wrong word could get you killed.

It took two words to kill Markus Schneider’s father. Two words nine-year-old Markus said without thinking. Two words that brought the Nazis to his modest Austrian doorstep—and shattered his life.

Now an adult, Markus is guilt-wracked, unemployed, and lost. His only friend in the world is Frank—a man he grew up with and looked up to. A man who is now a high-ranking Nazi official on a mission to root out and destroy anti-state thinkers, rebels, and Jews.

When Frank recruits Markus to drive a truckload of prisoners to a concentration camp, Markus will be faced with an impossible choice: be complicit in the murder of children or become the person his best friend is hunting. His decision will change not only their friendship and their lives, but the future of the Reich itself.

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Current blog posts about my fiction journey:

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